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Brand: Magniflex

We are a Factory Direct Distributor of environmentally and technologically advanced "Magniflex" furniture at great prices. Awarded for two years in a row as one of the 500 most dynamic companies in Europe, Magniflex has distinguished itself, on the international panorama, for its constant design updating. It is the biggest company in the sector in Italy. It produces mattresses and accessories for sleeping and relaxing, covering different targets on both the national and international markets. The wide and differentiated products on offer are aimed at satisfying the needs of cultured client's who are all looking for quality sleep and relaxation. Magniflex covers 70 different national markets throughout the world in which it is constantly present by taking part in shows and events all over the world. Magniflex is the product of ingeniousness and constant research with the objective to achieve wellness and maintaining an equilibrated and respectful relationship between man and nature. For over 50 years Magniflex has worked in the rest sector with a growing eco-responsibility commitment, it has, in the course of its important investments, obtained recognition from all of the European certifications for its commitment and concentration of its resources in the research for improved quality and excellence. To achieve this objective the whole productive cycle, design- ing/producing/packing, is directly controlled by managers, technical experts and over 180 employees, producing 10.000 mattresses every day. Magniflex mattresses satisfy different needs and cultures that have in common the research for relax, wellness and quality of rest.