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Brand: Meyan Furniture

Meyan Furniture was established to serve high quality product and value-based prices for US based customers. It is just another proof of our commitment to quality service and product. Meyan Furniture has warehouse in New Jersey, we are just a day's delivery from any East Coast City. Warehouse has a full sampling of all of Empire Furniture's best selling Click-Clacks, Sofa beds. The focus is on selection and value. Empire Furniture is intent on making it easy to put a Click-Clack on your floor. The fabric and product selection have been specially designed to optimize your sales. Each piece has a specific value range that makes it easy to promote.


 Meyan Furniture's focus has always been finest selection and value. Our craftsmen and designers have been always motivated by the pounding desire to take human comfort levels to new levels. Each product has a specific value range that makes it easy to promote with every individual having different requirements. However the prime focus has always been human comfort and easy to use-ability and portability and easy packing have made these click clack range such a rampant success amongst all.


At present Meyan, almost over a decade old in age and with even more years of goodwill and trust piled neatly beneath their name and reputation has a warehouse in New Jersey. Empire Furniture is another feather in the Meyan cap of commitment to quality service to their loyal customers backed up with excellent customer service.

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